Project Title

Viscoelastic Properties of Cells on soft Supports

Start date

1st June 2019




Characterising the viscoelastic properties of cells on soft supports.

Expected results

We will develop preparation methods of cells on soft supports, mimicking the natural environment of cells embedded in tissues. In
combination with the methods developed by ESR 13 this will allow to characterise various cell types with respect to their viscoelastic properties depending on the state of disease. Cells of interest are myo-fibroblasts, related to wound healing and the formation of scar tissues, and fibroblasts, related to diseases of the nuclear membrane, and cancer cells from bladder and other tissues.

Planned secondments

1- VMicro, B. Walter (2 months at month 8). Development of AFM probes for cell mechanics measurements. 2 - CHUGR, A. Millet (3 months at month 16). Preparation of tissues for creep response studies. 3- WWU, H. Schillers (1 months at month 20). Preparation of cells for creep response studies. 4 - JUMC, P. Laidler (2 month at month 24). Preparation of cells and tissues for creep response studies. 5 - CNRS, F. Lafont (2 months at month 30). Micropillar structures and creep response of cells.

ESR14 is a joint PhD project (UB/IFJPAN).


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