Project Title

Mechanical phenotyping of human bladder cancers

Start date

1st June 2019




To establish the link between the mechanical and migratory cellular properties and the risk of bladder cancer progression towards the diagnosis human bladder cancer.

Expected results

The proposed research aims to study human bladder cells and tissues obtained from patients based on collaboration with Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. Results obtained for established urothelial bladder cancer will help to develop an accurate d iagnostic method, which could enable early detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous changes through a cellular phenotype with a particular focus on its elastic properties. The ESR will be involved in scientific communication, training and dissemination.

Planned secondments

1. WWU, H. Schillers (3 months, month 8). Optimising cell/tissue sample preparation protocol. 2. CHUGR, A. Millet (2 months,month 13). Tissue slicing for live AFM measurements. 3. OSR, M. Alfano (3.5 months, month 18). ECM sample preparation, animal model involvement, immobilisation. 4. TMT-C2CR, M.-C. Copin (2 months, month 22). Advanced preparation procedure for biological samples.
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