Project Title

Tissue and ECM mechanical fingerprints of lung cancer

Start date

1st June 2019




To define differential mechanical properties of tissue and extracellular matrix (ECM) of lung clinical biopsies performed for lung cancerdiagnosis.

Expected results

The study will be carried out in tissue samples obtained from biopsies performed for lung cancer diagnosis at the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona (affiliated with UB). Standardised protocols for preparation of lung tissue samples obtained from biopsies for AFM measurements. Characterisation of viscoelastic properties of normal and cancer lung ECM and tissue. Mechanical heterogeneity of normal and cancer lung tissues. Correlation between mechanical properties, molecular composition and structure of ECM of normal and cancer lung tissues. Mechanical fingerprints of parenchymal tissue and acellular ECM in patients with lung cancer.

Planned secondments.

1. WWU, H. Schillers (month 6, 2 months). Methods to immobilise tissue samples for mechanical tests. 2. CNRS, F. Lafont (month 12, 3 months). Technical approaches to correlate mechanical and structural data. 3. O11, D. Iannuzzi (month 18, 2 months). Techniques to measure tissue rheology for clinical applications; 4. IFJPAN, M. Lekka (month 24, 2 months). Standardise AFM measurements in cancer samples.
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