Project Title

Dynamics of cell mechanics in healthy and diseased cells

Start date

1st June 2019




Measuring mechanical dynamics of normal and diseased cells and tissue.

Expected results

Cells respond to repetitive and constant application of mechanical stress with periodic changes of their elasticity. We will develop protocols, instrumentation, sample preparation and analysis tools for measuring these mechanical dynamics (e.g. frequency and amplitude). Mechanical dynamics will allow differentiating between normal and diseased cells in a more complete and quantitative way. We wi ll apply this method to various cancer cells and tissue types in particular, emphasis on the cellular microenvironment (ECM, tissue, cytokines). ESR will participate in standardising procedures to prepare cells and tissues for shipping that preserves viability and mechanical properties during transport between nodes.

Planned secondments

1. CHUGR, A. Millet (3 months, month 12). Preparation and measurement of tissue. 2. IFJPAN, M. Lekka (3 months, month 20). Sample preparation, force spectroscopy. 3. UB, M. Radmacher (3 months, month 30). Dynamics of viscoelastic response, analysis tools.
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