Project Title

Tissue and extracellular matrix rheology in lung diseases assessed by AFM

Start date

1st June 2019




To study viscoelastic properties of tissue and extracellular matrix (ECM) in a mouse model of lung cancer by means of AFM.

Expected results

Mouse model of lung cancer for the study of the mechanical properties of fresh parenchymal tissue and ECM de-cellularised samples. Standardised protocols to de-cellularize lung tissue to obtain a cellular ECM samples for mechanical measurements. Standardised protocols for immobilisation tissue samples for AFM testing. Characterisation of the viscoelastic properties of fresh parenchymal tissue and acellular ECM in healthy and cancer lung regions. Viscoelastic models of ECM and tissues. This ESR is shared with INSERM in a pilot joint doctorate project.

Planned secondments

1. UB, M. Radmacher (month 6, 3 months). Standardised procedures for AFM frequency measurements. 2. TMT-C2RC, M.-C. Copin (month 11, 1 month). Preparation of samples for the AFM analysis. 3. UMIL, A. Podestà (month 12, 2 months).  AFM rheological measurements on ECM samples by means of custom colloidal probes. 4. INSERM, F. Rico (month 18, 1 months). Models of tissue rheology. 5. FAU, W. Goldmann (month 28, 3.5 months). Correlation between mechanics of cells by AFM grown on micro-patterns of varying size and mechanics of suspended cells using microfluidics.


ESR7 is a joint PhD project (IBEC/INSERM).


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