Project Title

Nano-mechanical signature of cancerous tissues and its relation to the associated immune response

Start date

1st June 2019




Define the use of AFM in diagnostic procedure in human tissues.

Expected results

The ESR will participate to the development of instrumentation, sample preparation and analysis tools for measuring nanomechanics parameters of animal and human tissues obtained directly from the surgery room. AFM analysis will be compared to histological and other structural methods like dynamic light scattering. The ESR will also be involved in the design of soft substrate cell culture (hydrogels) mimicking the ECM to validate in vitro the determination of mechanical properties of these model tissues. One goal of the project is to include AFM data in a multidimensional analysis of tissues to gain information for diagnosis, we will particularly concentrate our attention toward cancerous transformation of fibrotic lesions (cirrhotic) in liver diseases.The ESR will be also involved in scientific communication, training, and dissemination.

Planned secondments

1. CEA-IBS,J.-L. Pellequer (2 months,month 8). Indentation measurement on isolated cells 2. WWU, H. Schillers (3 months,month 14). Force spectroscopy for cell-cell interaction 3. IFJPAN, M.Lekka (2 months,month 18). AFM of cancerous cells 4. INSERM, F. Rico (3 months,month 22). High-speed AFM measurements.
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