Project Title

Mechanical and Rheological phenotype of tissues and ECMs

Start date

1st June 2019




To establish associations between the mechanical properties of tissues/ECMs (paired healthy and neoplastic bladder areas) and i) the stage of tumour (TNM classification, ed. 2009), ii) follow-up of patients (e.g. relapse and response to local chemotherapy), and iii) gene signatures of bladder cancer according to the last update revision of the literature.

Expected results

We will provide tissues and tissue-derived ECM from murine and human bladders bearing tumour. Pair-wised non-neoplastic and neoplastic areas and the relative ECMs will be provided. Association of histological data with mechanical properties and retrospective analysis will develop an innovative tool predicting relapse of bladder tumour and response to chemotherapy.

Planned secondments

1- IFJPAN, M. Lekka (month 6, 3 months). Developing mechanical markers for diagnosing bladder cancer. 2- UB, M. Radmacher (month 12, 3 months). Visco-elastic properties of bladder cancer cells. 3- INSERM, F. Rico, (month 18, 3 months). Mechanical features of bladder cancer cells.
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